Glitter Snowflakes

One of our little projects this week was to introduce Alexander to the world of paper snowflakes.  We had plans to do them for a few days, and when Miss Sammie called to invite us over for playtime and a deco night, we thought we would share our paper-snipping fun.  Alexander and David jumped right in to the idea, wrestling their little kids’ scissors through the thickly folded paper.  The hole punch was a favorite as it resulted in a lovely circle with just slightly less effort.  They had good grown-up helpers though, and made some very lovely creations.  Muma of course had to jump in with a few delicate creations, Miss Sammie jumped in with a couple lovely flakes of her own, and even Papa did a couple.

Today was glitter day– we ran out of time for sprinkles at our friends’ house (which is just as well since we had already left them with a lovely paper and toy explosion), and after muma found a box to contain the lovely un-vaccuumable flakes she sprayed each flake with sticky and let the boys shake shake shake away.  Even Aidan came trundling over and thoroughly enjoyed asking for colors and shaking right along side of Big Brother.  (Aidan knows some of his colors now!  And can say most of them, even if he gets them wrong from time to time).  We ran out of flakes to glitterize all too soon, so Muma volunteered to cut a couple more for Aidan and her to glitter together.  They turned out very…. crafty, and even pretty :).  And of course we taped them up in the boys’ window, much to Alexander-the-helper’s delight.  And they make very pretty shadows on the curtains when you close them for nap time ! 🙂

Boys playing under snowflake window. | Alexander, the ‘tape-guy’ (who’s also very helpful when wrapping presents!)

3 thoughts on “Glitter Snowflakes

  1. Alex and Aidan are so blessed to have a mom with such talent and so many ideas! I can’t wait to get there to see the decorated Christmas trees and the glitter snowflakes in the windows! Big hugs to the boys until then!

  2. Wow!! So pretty!! Muma’s such a genius to think of glittering in a box. That stuff lingers forever. Got decorated a bit myself in a SS classroom this week just sitting there. You all have such a wealth of experiences – such a blessing for growing minds. Have fun. I’ll come peek at your pretty window soon.

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