6 Weeks Old

Lucas is six weeks old today. It seems impossible to believe how fast time flies, and how much he’s grown. And no wonder! Just last week, the pediatrician weighed him in at 10lbs 13oz, and 23″ long! Where’s our little newborn??? Lucas is ready to meet the world. He’s so alert and interested in everything these days. He’d often rather crank his head back to check you out than lay his head on your shoulder. He loves to sit in your lap facing you and just watch and watch. His little eyes lock onto Muma’s and we chat and chatter– Lucas starting to tell all sorts of stories. He waves his arms all about like a musical conductor, and follows you with his eyes and the turn of his head. We love his wake times– even Alex showing him books and toys, even at a whirlwind pace :). He’s also just starting to extend his night sleeping– (woohoo!) though still takes a middle of the night feeding. And of course some of Muma’s favorite moments are still dozing off together with a warm little bundle curled up on her chest. Welcome to our world, little Lukie– we’re having so much fun getting to know you!


One thought on “6 Weeks Old

  1. Wow – glad I looked back and found an earlier/later post of this cutie. He is indeed tuned into what’s going on and engaged in those ‘conversations’. What miracles babies are! life is! Thank you, Father, for all your blessings and the ‘eyes’ to see your hand in them. We delight in your creation!

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