Down for the count

Well, everything has been in hold now for about a week. We have no Internet, ( which means no access to any computer files or photos as well) no house phone, and no t.v.. We also have had a two year old with 103 degree fever who sleeps almost constantly. We have a 4 year old with super sniffles and a lovely cough. And we have a gorgeous 5 week old who we’ve been trying to quarantine with all our might but seems a bit sniffly and sneezy today… Uh oh. Soooo we’ve hooked up the ancient tube tv to the DVD player for two sickies on the couch to enjoy some Caillou this afternoon. And muma survives cabin fever through the life-saving iPhone, trips to the doctor, and visits from awesome grandparents who bring a meal or two, chicken soup, and lend an extra set of arms for snuggling, and care. Do dee do… Get well little ones! Get busy AT&T! Hopefully we’ll all back on line soon!




4 thoughts on “Down for the count

  1. You and your family are so blessed to have such wonderful grandparents! Hope everyone is feeling better! And, yes, Lynne, Vicks does bring back childhood memories and it still works wonders!

  2. Soooo sorry to hear about the sickness in your home! Thank goodness for grandmas…hope everyone gets well soon!

    Love, Sarah

  3. Why is it things seem to come in bunches – especially ‘bugs’?! Hopefully Lucas will avoid all this, and Aidan will be on the mend soon with the antibiotics for his ear infection. Hang in there, Muma and Papa. Alex got the Vicks rub & towel on the chest traditional Schaper treatment here tonight. (no coughs for 90 min.) I still think it makes for a better night sleep and easier breathing. The smell takes me back to my childhood sick times. What a blessing that Grammy and Grandpapa could help with comfort food and love. Love to all; pray’n for you.

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