Just a note at the end of a long day to mention how thankful I am to have my wonderful mom so close by. Nana has been so helpful to our family these past three weeks now. First taking the boys for overnights while we were in the hospital and then a bonus night afterwards. Cooking so many meals for us, or bringing take-outs; extended “Tuesdays at Nana’s house” and other sleepovers that the boys love. And adding extra time and care on Thursdays and whenever. Today, David’s first day “gone-all-day” she was here with us to help at tricky meal times, play with brothers while I tended Lucas or tried to get some housework done. She helped with bath, bedtime stories, worship, and tuck-ins– swapping fussy babe or big brothers care till all were sleep, snug, and David got home. Mom, I cannot say thank you enough for all your time, help, yummy food, and just good loving care. Even mommies still need a little mommying :). Thank you for being such a blessing to all of us!


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  1. Serena, David, Alex, Aidan and Lucas, you are all blessed to have your Nana so close and to be able to help your Muma. She loves playing with you boys. telling stories and tucking you in at night. It makes her just as happy as you feel about her! And your grammy and gpapap love to do the same when they can get to Ann Arbor. You are all so fortunate to have so much love in your extended family! And Serena, you are surely blessed with such a caring and loving mom!

  2. Oh, my! You are so welcome, my dear daughter. I really am blessed to be so accessible because I love sharing in your lives and spending time with the boys. Each age brings its own delights as each individual expresses his own personality. And it’s such a treat to cuddle a baby again! I loved the games, show&tell, mealtime chats, ‘camping’, and sharing in the wrap-up stories and worship with boys beside Muma on the big bed. I should have shot that picture-so cozy. You have your hands full, but are doing such a good job; your loving, cheery attitude and creative ideas and more make for a happy home. Plus you’ve got a caring involved papa pitching in and wonderful grammy and grandpapa helping oh so much.
    Thank you, heavenly Father, for your guidance and blessing.

  3. Yes the help given is a blessing both ways. . .given helps as stated, yet return blessings boys really get a special bonding / blessing from having such a caring/loving/God fearing Nana in their lives. What special memories all three sons will have of these times with Nana. Lynne you are such a dear, dear, blessing to be able/avail/willing to help as you have. Love to all Grammy, Gpapa

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