2 Months Old? Wowee!

Little Lucas is officially 2 months old!  And he’s such a big boy already!  At his appointment today he weighed 13 pounds 4oz (80th percentile), at 24 1/2 inches long (93 percentile).  After what seemed like he was really scheduling himself well, he’s been teasing us the past couple of days wanting to eat/snack every couple of hours (including at night, grrrr).  Muma’s working on getting him back on track this week to a happier feeding (and sleeping) schedule for all of us.  And today he seems to be obliging.  🙂  During his happy time while brothers were down for nap, muma snapped some 2 month pics, and now that he’s sleeping like he should be (all three boys are down wahoo!), there’s actually a moment to share them with you.  Though we don’t think these pictures do our little cutie man much justice,  it seems so hard to believe our tiny newborn holds his head so well,  loves to ‘stand,’ has rolled over twice tummy to back on his own, he smiles and laughs (?!!) at his brothers and gets so giddy to see Muma he can hardly contain himself.  It’s impossible to catch an un-blurry smiling picture because his smiles are always accompanied by flapping and kicking.  He’s fitting so happily in with our family and we’re loving watching our boys treat him so affectionately and include him in their plans and prayers.  We love you, Lucas!  We love having you in our world.

3 thoughts on “2 Months Old? Wowee!

  1. Thanks for the new pictures!! He is so cute and growing so fast! I didn’t recognize him at first! Your blog is always so upbeat and the love of your family is always apparent. Hope Lucas is back on his regular feeding schedule, for your sake! It’s wonderful that his big brothers share so much time and energy and love with him

  2. Whay a great update! Really enjoyed reading & viewing pics. Such a BLESSING all your sons are to us. Love each entry. Lucas is really growing and developing quickly turning over, standing, cooing up a whole conversation at times. Wish we were closer to share in it more often Love to all Grmy Gpapa

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