3 thoughts on “f.i.v.e. 5

  1. Happy fifth birthday, Alex! You’ve grown into such a smart, nice boy and a big help to Muma and Papa. You are so smart and so funny and so lovable! Wishing you many, many more happy birthdays! Aunt Nancy

  2. Grammy said it all beautifully! You bring such joy and love to our lives, Alex. It’s been fun watching you grow these last five years, you are getting a strong foundation (just like a strong building) to help you grow into a happy, caring, young man for Jesus, who’s curious and eager to learn and work together to make things happen. I love the way you help your brothers with things and do kind things for the grown-ups too. I send you five huge hugs with this for anytime you read it. Have fun seeing what this year of five will bring. Googles of love from Nana

  3. Such special memories captured in these pics. . .Alexander you are sooooo endearing, loving, energy bound young boy who LOVES JESUS and his family with such depth/fullness. Can’t begin to express how blessed we feel having you as our grandson. You challenge us to be ‘brighter than a 5 year old’, stay young enough to keep up with you. Your creative juices for make believe/building all sorts of extraordinary adventures never fails to amaze us. We pray for you *all of you*, LOVE you *all of you* and love spending time with you *all of you* . . .look forward to many many many more years of this. Love grammy & granpapa <3 <3

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