Baby in the Sand

This week has been balmy and beautiful and lent itself to some lovely time outside, and for Lucas- an introduction to how beautiful Michigan can actually be.  We may not have a Great Lake in our backyard but we do have some fantastic sandboxes.  One supper after the boys’ Tuesday-at-Nana’s-House, Lucas got his first dips of ‘sandy feet.’  He wasn’t quite sure what to make of it, curling up his legs out of the gritty silt.  But once big brother Alexander stepped in to sprinkle, bury, and eventually hold Lucas himself- he decided it must be safe enough.  Just wait ’till you meet Lake Michigan, Lucas!


4 thoughts on “Baby in the Sand

  1. Serena! It’s Awanthi here. You just disappeared from Facebook without a goodbye or a contact address and I’ve been fretting about you ever since. I’m so happy I remembered what your website was called! I’m also happy to find you doing well. Hug. Love to you and the boys.

  2. Lucas is getting so big! And how wonderful of big brother Alex to jump into the sand and show his newest brother how much fun he will have this summer! He’ll soon be playing with the diggers and dumpers with his older brothers.

  3. LOVE the pics. . .Lucas is really showing his developing charming/happy self. . .Soon will have 3 little boys digging in sand, picking up worms and other crawly creatures, and bonding as brothers What a TRIPLE BLESSING. love to all grammy gpapa (where is Aidan in these pics)

  4. Lucas is such a charmer with that heart melting smile and giggle. Quite a conversationalist too. He’ll be building in the sand before we know it. His brothers loved getting two more bags of sand and new diggers and dumpers. Wonder if we’ll need to double the sandbox size in a couple years. What an exceptional late winter/early spring this has been – upper 70’s – everything’s blooming a month or more early. Any season’s a delight with these little fellows!

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