Christmas Merries

2012 Christmas Boys Well, as we wrap up this year’s Christmas Season, we have to say that it’s been one of our sparkliest and most treasured yet. We love just watching our boys’ hearts bubble over with all the joys of the season.

The festivities: Christmas Sabbath School, the Church Cantata, Adventurer’s Holiday party, Baking cookies, (and frosting them of course), the surprise character in our Advent scene calendar and Activity card pockets (crafts, jobs & other delights each December day leading up to Christmas), Caroling/Ingathering, Visitors & Visiting, Toledo Zoo Lights before Christmas, and of course Christmas day gifts!

The details: setting up decorations, picking out holiday napkins for the family at mealtimes, Holiday table settings and candles, snowman soap, snowman sheets, noticing a pouf in your stocking, secretly sneaking a gift for someone to discover under the tree.

And the day-to-day: Advent worships & stories in the evenings, favorite Christmas music in the car, twinkle light neighborhood peruses on the drive home, the wrapping-center explosion area, bedtimes under the glow of the boys’ critter tree (in their room this year), watching for snow…

Of course, Papa and Muma enjoy the delights as well– mostly a reflection of the sparkles of these three little elves, but certainly soaking up some of the magic on their own. It’s hard to tell who’s having more fun building that Lego house. And look who’s up decorating dazzling cookies long after kiddos are in bed.

These are treasured years for our family. We have been so blessed once again this Christmas season, but these three blondie gifts are certainly our favorite presents under the tree. Thank you, Lord for such a priceless bundle. Thank you Father for sending your precious Son to be our Reason for this season.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Merries

  1. Such triply blessed we have been this holiday season joining in on many of the festivities and fun. 3 little boys are extra extra blessed with such a creative Muma who put puts soooo much time and love to make these special memories. Luv to all Gramy & Granpapa

  2. Amen to all. These little guys are indeed the extra sparkle in the season, your loving home with all its festive touches and activities are the warmth of a glowing hearth, and the wrap-around of caring family visits are indeed treasured gifts. May our loving service be our thank-you gift to our Father and our Saviour.

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