Lukie’s Winter OneDerland Weekend

Our little Lucas is one.  And he’s such a delightful, smiley, easy-going little guy.  He sleeps well, he loves his brothers soo much, and he’s walking up a storm.  For his special first birthday we decided to put together a little winter Onederland weekend for him.

His baby dedication was on Sabbath morning by Pastor Howard, a bit of a busy tizzy event between a super wiggly Lukie hopping from person to person, and two nervous brothers.  But Nana wrote a lovely poem for him, and we appreciated Pastor’s words and council to us and blessing for little Lukie.  Lucas has such a mild and sweet heart.  He loves his little worship stories, and folds his hands to pray at meal-time (though usually for only a few moments).  Now that he’s walking and putting fewer things in his mouth, he’s enjoying Sabbath School even more– learning to put up his felts on the board, twinkle his fingers for stars, and ride the camel.  He seems to really like this Christmas Sabbath School especially– whether it’s that he’s finally getting old enough to identify and remember it from week to week; or that he’s connecting stories and songs from church and home, he just lights up to see Baby Jesus (“Baby Baby!”) in his books, lessons, and songs with Muma.  It is our deepest desire that our boys will grow up in the Lord and maybe even work together to do a powerful service for Him.

Sunday evening we celebrated Lucas’ birthday with his Winter Onderland party.  Muma had decorated in soft wintery Christmas hues with little nature animals and white balloons, twinkle lights and twiggy snowflake garland.  With Nana’s help, we made a linen pennant with his name to hang, and then used the scraps to put a matching one on his cake.  A friend from church was so kind as to make him one of her amazing Lemon cakes which she’ll often bring to potluck for birthdays and we think is so so so very yummy (Lucas didn’t seem to indulge too much for the flavor, put did enjoy the texture of it in his fingers with the occasional taste and licking of fingers).  Muma & Papa stamped wooden silverware with Lukie’s name and birthdate, tied them in bundles with little linen napkins, frosted little polar bear cookies in scarves, and set up a luxurious hot cocoa bar to go along with soups, salads, breads & sides.  It all made for a treasured twinkley light dinner with family and close friends.  Everything was soft and warm and woodsy and wondery, a nice quieter celebration for a wintery Christmastime evening.  Lukie recieved some very kind gifts and though pretty content and unfazed by the whole event, he was ready for a tuck-in at the end of the evening.

And so ends… and begins, a whole new set of ‘firsts’ for our little family.  This next age for Lukie is one of Muma’s favorites, and we’re so looking forward to all the new words and discoveries little Lucas has in store.  We thank you, our family and friends who celebrated and contributed and helped to make this night so special for our little boy.  We wish each of you all the warmest joy though our Father’s perfect Gift this holiday season.

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  1. Yes Lucas has been such a cuddly delight, sooo enthralled with his granpapa. We have been truly TRIPLELY BLESSED by our grandsons. Love watching them interact as brothers, helping each other, sharing and of course squabbling at times. . . may seem uncanny but we really really miss them when not there for few weeks. Lucas you keep growing in the humble, loving grace of our Lord we’ll keep enjoying watching you explore and discover your vast big world. love to all gramy, gpapa 🙂

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