The Gathering Place


6-20-2013 the backyard with friends (4se)

We’ve been blessed throughout the summer to be the gathering place for neighborhood friends in our little loop.  We’ve had three or four families of friends meet our boys in the backyard for playtime all summer long.  They’ve loved our little clubhouse (a first birthday present for Alexander years ago) as a ship, camper, meeting room, anything-else.  They’ve spent hours in the sandbox and running around in kiddo games and nothingness as little ones do.  It’s Aidan’s favorite thing to run out, sit on the roof and call out for his buddy– ‘only a couple times,’ says muma– until he appears.  Even little Lukie goes out and will call for the friends.  But usually they will just appear, as they hear the chatter until we have a good ten or more friends goofing off in summer bliss.

Muma and Papa have loved being able to monitor the goings-on and police when necessary.  Muma likes to talk with the friends and hear their stories.  Papa likes to make sure everyone’s behaving and treating the yard nicely.  But it’s also been nice to use this gathering place as a witnessing opportunity for the boys and our family.  Between laughter and Praise song singing, cafe snacks and Lukie’s prayers for his friends Yaya, Bebor and Ara at every meal, it brings out great conversation and tangible lessons in kindness to others, handling a variety of situations, and shining for Jesus.  The boys have really taken ownership of the role- passing out little cards or invitations on their own ideas.  Even Lucas loves to invite Yaya (his favorite) in to listen to Your Story Hour Bible Stories.  We love to see our boys completely unafraid to share Jesus with their friends.

9-2-2013 playplace construction (2s)9-4-2013 completed playgroun (13S)


Then, at the close of the season, Grammy and Grampapa surprised us with a  gift of an updated playset for the boys.  Grammy & Grampapa started the assembly process on a Monday, and for three days, our yard was a-buzz with curious and excited friends, and a hard-working Papa assembling dozens of boards at every available moment home.  Grammy arrived at the end of the week to put in some hard-working hours with Papa and it was finished by suppertime.

The crew absolutely loves it, bopping from playset to playset- from ages one to twelve, the little friends have such fun.  Thank you Grammy and Grampapa for our new ship/cafe/house/spaceship/island/clubhouse/playset.  Thank you Lord for our gathering place of friends.

2 thoughts on “The Gathering Place

  1. So wonderfully BLESSED all these children will be having these ‘seeds’ of faith/hope/belief in Jesus planted as they play in your yard. Seems this is just the place GOD wants your family (at least for now). . . It is such a joy for us when we’ve been down watching Alex, Aidan, Lucas and neighborhood children enjoying all your yard has to offer. . . (hope all the plants/bushes survive) Love to all Grammy & Granpapa

  2. Praise the Lord! How awesome! I knew it was THE place to gather but was unaware how the Holy Spirit was there using the boys and family to share His love and truth. What a blessing in so many dimensions. God is using you right here where you live. Let us rejoice! Thanks to Grammy and Grampapa as well, and Muma and Papa too. I’m sure there will be cooler weather gatherings developing as well. God is so good! Going to expand the cookie decorating for the holidays?

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