Little Lamb and Busy Bee Camp Out

We now have two little Adventurers in our family!  So this year, with Muma also signing on as the Little Lamb instructor, we joined the A2 club for the Family Adventurer Campout up at Au Sable.  With little Lucas hanging out in Saginaw for a night and at Nana’s for a night keeping busy with his favorite people,  our Little Lamb Aidan and Busy Bee Alexander enjoyed some big brother time with Muma and Papa in Nana’s cool pop-up at the rustic side of AuSable’s lovely lake.  Our club had the biggest group in attendance.  We have over 20 Adventurers in the club this year (plus parents and siblings at the campout) so it was quite the fun little group.  Alex jumped into the mix of kiddos– fire-building, fossil gathering, and crafting away.  Aidan took a more reserved approach to the weekend but loved the pop-up and soaked up Muma and Papa time, participating where encouraged but enjoying the world in his own little way as well.

campout 1Sabbath was the favorite day of the weekend with nice services and singing just kiddo style (and length).  Yummy food, bird-feeder craft, and downtime with the friends preceded a gorgeous walk to the Nature center where the boys had great fun hunting and finding all 20 tiny ducklings hidden inside the building. After vespers and a hay ride by an A2 comrade, it was only natural to round out such a lovely day with s’mores around the roaring (Adventurer-built) campfire and Aidan’s favorite stories on Muma’s lap.

campout 2Sunday there were games and hoots & hollering for all.  Alex tried his hand bean-bag tossing and obstacle coursing, he joined Aidan in hula hoop kick-croquet and finally– the great tug of war.  The little guys even defeated the bigger adventurers in the first round.. and the Pathfinders that were there (when they pulled with one hand only).  It was really a high weekend for our little family, and though we missed Lucas, it was nice to be able to devote a little undivided attention to our big brothers, and all be able to participate in everything together.  We’re looking forward to a fun year of Adventurers with Muma teaching Aidan’s class and Nana stepping in to follow Alex through his.  Then again, we’re always looking forward to the magnificent adventures the Lord has in store for our little WinklerWorld.


2 thoughts on “Little Lamb and Busy Bee Camp Out

  1. Wow! What an adventure for young Adventurers! They certainly know how to make it extra special! The smiles abound. Pretty cool stack of Winklers too. Lucas had his own set of tamer adventures as well with two grandparent houses to visit. Praise God for such opportunities; they leave lasting impressions for all.

  2. All these pics really really shows just how much fun, fun, fun was enjoyed by all. Just think when Alex is in the next phase- Pathfinders, Lukie and Aidan will be Adventurers, , , better start working on your Master Guide requirements papa 🙂 We remember well the many years/events our boys had and fully believe sowing all the ‘seeds’ now will be fruitful in years to come. love to all grammy/gpapa

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