Look Who’s TWO!

12-19-2013 Lukies bday dinner (14)

Lukie turned two last week with all the sweetness of the season.  It was a quieter little event with Grammy, Grampapa, and Nana coming down to celebrate at a festive table with our favorite two-year-old.  I don’t know if he really understood that the day was for him, but he seemed happiest to have the family around and Grampapa’s lap to sit in.  He was also pretty happy with his cheery little train cupcake– even if he couldn’t eat the candy on top.  Now officially permitted to eat sweets, he was wasting no time mowing through the frosting though I think he enjoyed the novelty of the cold minty ice cream a little more.

lukiebdayHe got some good present-opening practice in, with some fun gifts and cards from all the family.  A favorite was the new sit-on digger and play-doh trash truck, Rowdy.  After figuring out that there is fun stuff under all that wrapping paper, he’s seemed much more interested in all the pretty packages under the tree!

lukiebday2Lucas has had a lot of fun this holiday season- trying to figure out what’s going on, and enjoying all the outings and activities.  He’s still pretty clueless as to the whole event, but perhaps as it should be- his favorite story every night has been the story of Baby Jesus.  His language is on another little explosion, and we’re so happy to hear him saying “Jees” (Jesus), and “Beebee Jees.”  Our morning worship hymn has also been We Three Kings and so every night he requests to hear “Tar! Tar,” (as in… Oooohhh Star of wonder, Star of light) and won’t be happy until Muma’s sung at least two or three verses.  He also points to the angels in his little Jesus story and insists that Muma sing “Gloooooooooo” (Gloooria, in excelsis deo…).  He’s jumped right in with the cookie punching, and was so super excited to be able to sleep with the ‘bros’ under the Christmas Tree the other night.  He did remarkably well settling down (better than his brothers!) and was one of the first ones asleep.  And finally, of course- we had to visit our favorite Christmas Sabbath School program so we could sing for Lukie’s birthday and Alex could ride the camel perhaps one more year.

lukiebday4eLucas has been such a little joy in our home with his happy little personality and loving heart. He loves his brothers with whole little spirit and is so thoughtful and caring to them, bringing them water or checking on them when they are hurt, call, or need something.  We love to see him taking an interest and being able to better follow his little Bible stories- he signs his memory verses and often insists that he wants to do it on his “own! own!”  And even in all of his busy and independent spirit, he always is happy to come running back to us for some cuddle time.  “Cuddle Mama’s bed??” “Cuddle LaLa?” Two adorable questions that are nearly impossible to decline. Indeed Muma has loved this one-of-her-favorite years- from one to two- with Lukie.  A thousand little moments our home won’t likely see again.  We love you baby Lucas!  May God bless you along your little trail to three.

12-15-2013 sleeping under the tree (15c)

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  1. WOW, it’s worth scrolling down a ways I just discovered this posting. What a TERRIFIC TWO YEAR OLD you are Lucas. . . Love chasing you around n around til you reach a ‘safety’ (of your choosing). . Love how deeply you have attached yourself to gpapa (he feels soooooo deeply blessed). Playing trains n cars with you and recreating the track layout over n over again. You amaze and bless us and bring in describable joy to our lives every moment we spend with you. . . keep growing big n strong and learning more n more of your world especially about our Lord. . . SOOOOOOO MUCH LOVE TO YOU grammy n gpapa

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