Return to Three Cedars

11-3-2013 Three Cedars (11)_LRs


After a couple years away, we made a return trip- actually two trips-  to Three Cedars Farm for all of their fall splendor.  It was good to be back with a new little one-and-a-half year old and his older brothers.   Lukie delighted at the first signs of big chugging machines: “Da-Dutch!”  He pointed all around at all the tractors here and there.  The boys loved the train once again– it was still hard to tear Aidan away.  Lucas really enjoyed looking at all the animals- and trying to feed the bunnies but not quite sure how to get the food through the fence without dumping it on the ground.  Aidan liked pushing all the buttons to hear the farmyard songs and stories.  Big brothers (and Grampapa) zoomed down the barn slides over and over again while on our first visit, Lucas sat for a good part of an hour in the corn-box covering up his feet and scolding the other baby nearby as she kept uncovering them.  Alex and Aidan gave their go at the tired little tractor trikes, but Lucas didn’t care whether they worked or not– he had big brothers to offer their pushing muscles even if they steered into the grass.  While our evening with Papa grew dusk, we popped in for a quick doughnut, and a couple of weeks later with Grammy and Grampapa we ventured on the hayride with big smiles all around as we bounced over the big splashy muddy bumps- and of course another doughnut was in order before our farewell.  Thanks again, Three Cedars Farm, for offering our fall a super sweet destination!

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  1. Treasures of childhood fall fun, such precious delights we had (even though bit cold), these are the wonders of childhood all captured on the fabulous blog. love to all grammy, granpapa

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