Seven in the Skies


It’s hard to believe that our little Alexander is now seven years old.  But indeed he had a super fun birthday to celebrate this special year.  It started with a birthday eve drive to our buddies’ house (their little boy also shares the same birthday) for a sleepover outing– we were welcomed with hugs and cheers and a favorite kiddo supper with dinosaur cupcakes for the boys to decorate- and eat of course.  In the birthday morning our friends put together an amazing pancake breakfast with all the favorite sides.  After a quick dog-walk to get out all the boys’ crazies and excitement, it was off to the Kalamazoo AirZoo– a new outing for all of us that turned out to be a fantastic stop.  There were planes to see and explore- pretend to fly one of the Blue Angels, videos of the planes in action.  There were spacecraft exhibits- a favorite was to sit in the cockpit of a rocket.  But perhaps the 5-boy favorite were the RIDES!!!  I am not exactly sure how many times the boys rode the ferris wheel, balloons or airplanes, but Muma rode at least six.  We wrapped up the day with a farewell to birthday friends and met up with Papa and Nana back in our neck of the woods for a surprise Rainforest Café supper. (You can click here to see a little video— but for some reason we had no sound on the recording… hmm…)  Aidan was a bit wearied out, but Alexander was in his bliss… and Lucas, well, he never ate a bite.  He was completely mesmerized by everything, and it was just hilarious how he knew exactly when everything was going to wake up and put on its show.  Alex received his gifts from Muma, Papa, and Nana and took great delight in the sparkling volcano dessert– so cool and soooo yummy!  It really was a super fun birthday event, for our awesome seven-year-old.  We’re so proud of you, Alexander you truly are an amazing gift to us.

Alex- Chalkboard 8x12


2 thoughts on “Seven in the Skies

  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate 7 whole years. Seems not long ago we were all googooing over our 1st grandchild. . . now we are triple blessed watching each grow and discover. We give thanks and continue with prayer for healthy, God loving lives. love to all gma, gpapa

  2. Oh my!! The ‘WONDERFULS!’ just keep piling up. These posts so capture the delights of these three sparks of sunshine. What an awesome day for everyone – not just the special birthday boy! That air museum looks kid-perfect, and Lucas’s expressions at the Rain-forest Café are priceless. Alex loved his guitar and that cake was even another sparkling high point. Nana gets so smiley and even teary being so thankful for the delights of such a family.
    The marvelous marquis-type sign so captures our amazing seven-year old. Alex, you are so blessed! I know God delights in your caring heart and cheerful personality. May each year of growth keep you close to Him. I love you so much I could burst!!! Have a wonderful year ahead! Love, Nana

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