A Fête for Five and Seven

4-6-2014 UnderTheSea Party (100)_LR-2s

Early spring is birthday season around here, and since their days are just over a month apart, every so often we love host a little celebration for Alexander and Aidan together.  They’d been excited for this party for over a year and they picked an under-the-sea theme to celebrate the magical years of five and seven.  We had super fun this year inviting our backyard neighborhood friends to join the family and festivities.  Muma is a very talented Pinterest copycat, and had fun finding lots of inspiration for wavy tablecloths, crepe paper jellyfish, sea-scaped entryways, and fun food like “crabwiches” (sandwiches that look like little crabs).  We didn’t do games and all the whoopla, but the friends had fun ballooning while everyone arrived, dining at their deco-ed out little tables, and playing outside as they love to do so well (that gave the grown-ups a little bit of quiet house time to chat too, whew!).  The boys received many kind gifts and we wrapped up the afternoon with birthday singing and candles, cake and ice cream for all.

The boys were so excited to have everyone over and were on cloud nine to soak up all the fun and friends.  Alexander especially loves getting into the help decorating and planning the set-up.  Aidan just enjoys the moment and all that’s going on.  And then there’s Lucas who felt like it was his party too- whole-heartedly right in the middle of the mix.  A big thank you to so many who made this day so special for our boys, and a special thank-you goes out to two lovely grandmothers who helped with all the last minute preps and a super-papa who cheers us all on (and takes great pictures too!)  Five and Seven looks like so much fun!


2 thoughts on “A Fête for Five and Seven

  1. What a fun day it was too. Such yummy food, good folks to chat with. Excited boys to be entertained by. Each year has gone by sooooooo soooooo fast. . . Especially blessed to have this blog (and daughter-in-law creating each page) to capture these memories. Love to all Grammy & Granpapa (great poem Lynne)

  2. Birthday boy blessings:

    festive creativity delighting the eye,

    the love of family and friends, and new buddies nearby,

    goodies delicious; sea savory and sweet,

    balloons and new baseball and hop happy feet,

    grown-ups all grinning, capturing the joys,

    delighting in the blessings of our (3) awesome boys.

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