Aidan is five years old!  Such a noble little age for our mellow little boy.  He’d had quite the gala just a couple of weeks before, but his birthday Monday was preceded by the Adventurer fun day (just an hour or so from Grammy & Grampapa’s) and he requested to share his birthday dinner with the grandparents on Sunday night.  We thought we’d be sharing a festive, Aidan-picked meal of (can you guess?) Macaroni and cheese– Crazy Bugs of course, turkey hot dogs, apple slices, carrot sticks, and cauliflower.  But when we arrived ‘home’ after a long and very fun “fun day,” Grammy had decorated the dining room all with digger decorations including plates, napkins, birthday banner and mobile.  What a super fantastic surprise!  Aidan had little diggers on his amazing-Mrs. Sheree’s-Lemon-Cake and five candles that spelled A-I-D-A-N of course!  They turned out to be magical re-lighting candles, or so it seemed, but Aidan took it (surprisingly) all in stride, but with a little relief when he managed to get them all blown out.

Monday birthday morning we did our family celebration at IHOP, another of Aidan’s favorites as Papa might not be available in the evening.  Nana joined us too, and Alex took some time off school to open gifts from Nana and Muma and Papa, and eat Mickey Mouse pancakes.  Aidan received his Green Lego Airplane that he’d been ‘waiting for so long.’ and a kite to join in the kite flying fun, as well as some books and treasures from Nana.  Nana was so kind to have Lucas over at her house for the day, and since Papa was taking Alex to school, Aidan got to have a special Muma day for his birthday.  We had plans to do a couple of jaunts, but in the end he was heart-happy to be home all day building Legos and having playtime with Muma.

Aidan is truly such a treasure in our home.  He is thoughtful and careful and meticulously absorbed in his task at hand.  He is a fantastic big brother to Lucas, sharing, playful, and teaching him so sweetly in his cute little ‘teaching Lucas’ voice, bending down to his level.  He likes everything in its place and in its time, and his aptitude for puzzles has converted into a fascination with building legos, snap circuits and following a schematic to build with any construction set he can get his hands on.  He “loves gymnastics,” he says, and is excited to show off his ever-improving jumps, spins, and balancing skills.  He’s getting more and more into playing the backyard games with the friends and we love hearing him chime in to the big kids calls– “not it!” or “I have an idea, everybody listen to me!”  Yes, still a little stubborn, sometimes shy to participate, often unhurried- for better or worse.  But when joyful, his heart just bubbles over into wiggles, big hugs, and contagous goofy wiggles that fill our whole home with happy… and yes, sometimes crazy too…!  We love you, darling Aidan!  We are excited to see what treasure of a year God has in store for you at five.

(here’s yet another silent video from David’s phone… we have finally gotten it fixed, but for one more birthday all we have is cheesy soundtrack… haha enjoy!)

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  1. Yes such a “Fabulous Five Year Old’ you are Aidan. You amaze us with your determination to do many piece puzzles, start and finish really challenging lego projects and play a strategic game of battleship winning many a times. You bless us deeply and give such strong loving hugs. . . May God continue to enrich your little mind & body. . . Love You Much grammy gpapa

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