This little boy is four!

Well, it’s hard to believe how quickly time flies in a year, and never seemingly so fast as from birthday to birthday. Alexander is so entirely such a little boy now, riding his two-wheel birthday bike (still with training-wheels of course), singing a million songs, and such a little helper Continue Reading

A Camping We Will Go…

Last weekend we headed over to Pinckney Recreation Area for another family camping adventure.  I don’t know if it was such the relaxing and laid-back weekend as our anniversary getaway sans munchkins, but it’s always fun to watch them in their adventures and wonder at all their new experiences.  We Continue Reading

The Big Loop

This year we took a special trip up to the U.P. for our good friends Jennifer and Jason’s wedding.  Instead of making a long, straight drive, we decided to split it up into a series of smaller drives and excursions, making the big loop up through the U.P. and back Continue Reading