This little boy is four!

Well, it’s hard to believe how quickly time flies in a year, and never seemingly so fast as from birthday to birthday. Alexander is so entirely such a little boy now, riding his two-wheel birthday bike (still with training-wheels of course), singing a million songs, and such a little helper to Muma and Aidan around the house. He’s got all his little sayings and expressions, and this little 4-going-on-12 look he gets on his face when using his most grown-up tone of voice and vocabulary. What a charmer…

SO we planned a very special birthday for our little charmer whose most current passions are playing camping or cottage. And what other theme could it be than Camp Alex. He helped brainstorm a bunch of ideas from placement of streamers to table decorations, and it turned out just delightful. Grammy and Grampapa ended up being able to join us, along with Nana, and Mills came for a bit as well.  We dined on his favorites- “Bug” Mac & Cheese, Links/Hot Dogs, Sun Chips, Peas & Carrots with Limas, Baked Beans (“for Papa”, he said), and a snack assortment including Woodland graham crackers, a s’mores mix, gummy worms in M&M “dirt”, pretzel sticks in more ‘dirt’, and nuts.  And then of course camping cake with the light-up tent he’s been so excited about, and four special letters A-L-E-X to blow out on about the 6th try :).  Little David also got to blow out some candles on the ice cream- mint, of course.

After much ado- we jaunted off to jungle java in our new ride (woohoo!) and celebrated climbing style with the birthday buddies and our families.  Then finished off the evening with a visit from Uncle Brian and Pizza and s’more s’mores over Nana’s fire pit on the patio.  What a day for our little one.  A little less little, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “This little boy is four!

  1. Four years and four million moments of delight. This child is a treasure of joy! It was such a fun event with cute creative thematic touches all over the place, which Alex helped think of, adding to his excitement. Ever so thankful for this boy and this family!!!

  2. Oh what a special “non-birthday party” it was, and yes very hard to see that Alex is now ‘pre-schooler’ age. He brings such excitement, energy, enthusiasum to all he does, what a BLESSING he is to all the lives he touchs. Pics are GREAT. love to all

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